October 18

Today’s Editorial In The Danville Register & Bee Is Just Simply Crazed! – Mike Swanson (10/18/2020)

Today the Danville Register & Bee published an editorial in opposition to the Caesar’s Casino by someone named Paul Goldman running in the primary for Lt. Governor of Virginia to be their next Democratic candidate in 2021. Now there are seven others running and I never heard of this guy before so he might be a dark horse long-shot. Or it might be that I don’t know what’s going on in the State Democratic Party, because he was Chairman of the Democratic Party of Virginia way back in 1990-1993.

Hey, that’s when I was in High School. It’s hard to remember everything that was happening way back then, especially because there were a few times when I smoked dope back then so I can’t draw up any memory of Goldman at all. I remember Douglas Wilder on TV and Mary Sue Terry and Oliver North had a run at the Senate back then then there was that George Allen guy that came.

But what has Goldman done lately? I don’t know, but what I do know is that the arguments he made against the casino in his editorial are wrong headed and crazed. I don’t smoke dope now so it’s really easy to think really clearly and see the flaws in the arguments Goldman made in his editorial. If you are smoking dope stop and read the editorial yourself and you’ll see what I mean quickly. It’s like he thinks you can’t do more than one thing at once!

Well what happened is that his writing moved to want to write my own editorial in response to his, but then after a few minutes I lost my motivation.

If I worked hard on the editorial would the paper even publish it?

And if they did would anyone read it?

So many people get their news on Facebook in today’s day and age that it is now the place where the discussions for and against the casino are going on.

And what is more I can’t name who the reporters are at the Bee right now. I remember when Benson was there and now when I think of a local beat reporter in Danville I think of Bruce Hedrick and his Southsidecentral blog – which probably gets most of its traffic from Facebook. Chatham has a few reporters at their paper I read, but they don’t do what Hedrick does in Danville and WSET has some local reporters, but it seems like it is a different one every single week on the TV. I don’t know what is going on there.

So then I thought about Facebook and got motivated again to write a counter to Goldman’s editorial on Facebook. But then I thought well if I do that I probably should just set up a blog to post it on and link to it on Facebook. So I made this blog site today.

But then I thought well, actually Facebook isn’t a good place for one big long editorial, because what works on Facebook are short posts and short videos. So what I’ll do instead is a few little pieces on this site and Facebook between now and election day about this casino vote on the ballot addressing the various arguments.

So this is the story of what is my first blog post and this place can now be a place where I can sometimes muse on what is going on with local events.

I already voted so if you are going to try to convince me to vote no it’s too late!


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